— Kolymbithres —

The most famous of Paros’ beaches is Kolymbithres. It is located on the western part of Naoussa bay and stands out for its crystal-clear, transparent waters and the rocks on the beach that form natural pools with seawater, which resemble baptismal fonts, hence the name of the beach.

The waters at Kolymbithres are very clean, warm, shallow, and do not deepen abruptly, making it ideal for families with young children. Due to the beach’s location, waves are rarely encountered. The rocks in some parts of the beach provide shade for visitors, but there is also the option to rent an umbrella and sunbed at the organized part of the beach.

Above Kolymbithres beach, on the main road, there are taverns where you can enjoy excellent local cuisine and coffee with a unique view of the beautiful beach and the endless blue sea.

It is an organized beach and has sunbeds and straw umbrellas, but there are also spots where you can relax using your own equipment. Therefore, by renting a car from Dk rentals, you can comfortably carry everything you need.

Golden Beach

Golden Beach is one of the best beaches in Paros. It is located on the southeastern coast of the island, 20 kilometers from Parikia and 16 kilometers from Naoussa, near the settlement of Drios, and spans approximately 700 meters. This famous beach got its name from the color of its sand, which looks like gold dust.

Golden Beach in Paros is globally known among windsurfing enthusiasts. The suitable wind conditions created on the beach attract professionals and amateurs from all over the world. For years, Golden Beach has hosted the Windsurfing World Cup.

The beach is very well organized, with umbrellas and sunbeds for rent, beach bars, restaurants, and water sports centers. The waters are crystal clear and clean. There are also spots where you can relax using your own equipment. Therefore, by renting a car from Dk rentals, you can comfortably carry everything you need. There is also a large parking area near the beach if you are using a car.


Faragas is a small but impressive beach located in the southern part of Paros, 16 kilometers from Parikia and 26 kilometers from Naoussa. Faragas beach is only 2 kilometers away from the village of Aliki.

It consists of three beaches. One with a large sandy area, which is organized with umbrellas, sunbeds, and a beach bar that occupies most of the beach, and two small beaches to the west. The two smaller beaches are not organized, and there you will find peace and isolation in your swim as well as a wonderful seabed for diving.

The three beaches of Faragas are characterized by calm and crystal-clear waters, as they are located within a bay and are completely protected from the northern winds. They are separated by rocky elevations that reach down to the sea. On days with good visibility, from Faragas, you can see Sikinos and Ios.

Near the beach, there is free parking so you can enjoy your swim feeling safe.


Marcello beach is located in the bay of Parikia, opposite the capital of Paros. It is the natural extension of Krion beach. Due to its location, the waters are almost always calm, except on days with strong winds.

It is a large beach covered with golden sand, most of which is fully organized for tourism with sunbeds, umbrellas, a beach volleyball court, restaurants, and bars. To the west of the organized beach, there is a large area of unorganized beach with many trees for shade, crystal clear calm waters, and a magnificent view.

If you prefer something even more secluded, you can move further west, where you will find hidden sandy coves, only a few meters in length.

The road is of good quality, which is why you will see people riding bicycles heading to the beach. However, a scooter from Dk rentals is the best idea for a relaxed holiday.

Santa Maria

Santa Maria is one of the best beaches in Paros and is located east of Naoussa, just 2 kilometers away, and 12 kilometers from Parikia. It overlooks Naxos directly across from it.

The main beach of Santa Maria is long and consists of fine golden sand. Its waters are stunning and crystal clear, with the sand extending into the seabed, reflecting the rays of the sun and illuminating the seabed at every point.

Following the main road of the beach, there is a smaller yet equally beautiful beach, known as Mikri Santa. It features golden sand, pristine azure waters, and a seabed that will truly captivate you.

Santa Maria Beach in Paros is very well-organized and meets all the visitors’ requirements. It’s a cosmopolitan beach with sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, water sports centers with many options such as windsurfing, sea kayaking, sea biking, as well as a diving school where you can rent equipment or take lessons. Along Santa Maria, there are beach bars serving coffee, cocktails, drinks, and tasty finger foods. If you want to enjoy an excellent meal with a sea view, visit the bar-restaurant, located right by the sea, with exceptional food flavors.

There are also spots where you can relax using your own equipment. Therefore, by renting a car from Dk rentals, you can transport everything you need comfortably. There is also ample parking space near the beach if you are using a car.