Enjoy the freedom of moving around Paros by renting an SUV / Jeep / 4X4.

Enjoy the freedom of moving around Paros by renting an SUV / Jeep / 4X4.

DK Rentals makes a difference in the car rentals in Paros as it features the most complete range of SUVs / Jeep / 4X4 cars.

SUV / Jeep / 4X4 cars offer increased ground clearance, floor and wing guards which allow you to drive them both in town and off road (off road driving). Access remote beaches and dirt roads easily by renting an SUV / Jeep / 4X4 car. These cars stand out for the great comfort and practicality they offer. They have quite a lot of storage space and 4 adults will have no trouble making even a long trip comfortable. Because of their size, it is no surprise that SUV / Jeep / 4X4 cars are also the safest.

We have selected a comprehensive list of such cars to meet the needs of all our customers. In our fleet you will now find the best SUV / Jeep / 4X4 cars on the market: the best selling 2008 Peugeot SUV, the functional Opel Crossland, the luxurious Range Rover Sport and the one of a kind Jeep Wrangler which you will find in various versions.

In all SUV / Jeep / 4X4 categories you will find new cars, manual or automatic, with all modern specifications and equipped with A/C, GPS, Bluetooth and Radio/CD.

Tip: An SUV car is not made for a bumpy climb up a mountain – like a pure-bred Jeep is.

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