Scooter rental in Paros

Scooter rental in Paros

Every year Paros attracts more and more tourists. The demand for renting a vehicle is constantly increasing and motor enthusiasts consider renting a two-wheel vehicle in Paros to be an ideal option. The traffic in the July-August period is particularly high in Paros, making transportation and parking difficult. At DK rentals you will find a wide range of scooters from 125 to 200 cubic meters Piaggio, Sym and Aprilia. With our customers’ safety in mind, our fleet is only equipped with new and safe scooters. All scooters are 4-strokes, have an ABS brake system and are automatic.

How do I choose the right scooter for me?

You can visit our scooters related page and find out about the rental costs and also add services and benefits that are important to you. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to benefit from offers on scooter rentals available on a period-by-period basis. The prices you will find on our website are in line with the quality and service we provide.

Important information on renting a scooter in Paros

Drivers interested in renting a scooter in Paros should pay attention to what license they hold. Holders of a simple car license are able to drive a scooter up to 80cc. For scooters from 90cc to 150cc drivers must hold an international driving license category “A1”. From 200cc to 600cc it is necessary to hold an “A2” category license. Category “A” license holders can drive any type of motorcycle or scooter of any engine capacity. But in addition to the license, it is very important that the driver also has the experience of driving a two-wheel vehicle. Although Paros has a very good road network, the traffic on the roads is very high during the summer months. Your safety is the most important of all, so if a driver does not feel confident in their abilities to drive a scooter, it would be wise to turn to other modes of transportation that have greater safety such as renting a car or quad / atv.

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