Useful Tips for renting any vehicle on Paros Island.

Useful Tips for renting any vehicle on Paros Island.

Driving license

The driving license is the most necessary document that all travelers who wish to rent a vehicle in Paros and anywhere else should have with them. Driving license vary depending on the traveler’s country of origin. To rent a car, it is mandatory for drivers to hold a license for the corresponding category of the car they want to rent.

Quad – atv rental requires that you hold a “B” car category license.

For scooter rental, things are a little more complicated and strict, so we provide you with a useful guide below.

  • For holders of a European driving license the following applies: Those wishing to rent a scooter up to 80cc must hold a category “B” car license. Those wishing to rent a scooter from 100cc to 150cc must hold an “A1” motorbike license. From 200cc to 600cc, those interested must hold an “A2” category license. Holders of any cubism motorcycle license can rent any type of scooter or motorcycle.
  • The following applies to holders of driving licenses from countries outside Europe: Those who want to rent any type of scooter or motorcycle, must hold an international driving license of “A” category. For the issuance of an international driving license you can contact here

We emphasize that a necessary condition for renting scooters and quads, in addition to the license, is also the experience you have of driving the respective vehicles, as the safety of you and those around you always comes first. Our company, DK rentals, is not responsible for the training of the drivers and has the right to refuse the rental of a vehicle for any driver who considers that the rental of a vehicle poses a risk to his own safety as well as that of others.

Acceptable licenses by DK rentals

The rules regarding acceptable licenses vary by rental company. At our company, DK rentals, the license is accepted when you are over 23 years of age, regardless of the date of issue. For example, an interested driver who has turned 23 years old and has held a driving license for just 1 month, is eligible to rent a vehicle from our company. Accordingly, someone who is under the age of 23 and has held a license for 3 years cannot rent a vehicle from our company.

Credit / Debit card for reserving the guarantee amount

In our company, DK rentals, we will ask you to be the owner of a credit or debit card that has the necessary capital to reserve the amount of the guarantee for the vehicle you wish to rent. The credit/debit card should be in the name of the first driver renting the vehicle. The reason we ask for a credit/debit card is to reserve the amount of the guarantee for the rental vehicle. The guarantee amount is usually calculated according to the value of the vehicle. Those interested should be aware that the amount reserved by any card takes some time to be credited back to your account. Our company immediately releases the guarantee amount as soon as you return and we check the vehicle. The fact that the amount takes some time to be credited to your account has nothing to do with the leasing company but with the system used by the respective bank as well as the processing times of the release request. Credit cards have a shorter waiting period for the money releasing than debit cards. The average waiting time is about 20 business days.

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